Simple. Seamless. Safe.

Streamline your workflow with AxiaMed’s credit card processing software, directly integrated within Dentrix Enterprise.

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Here’s how to make complex payment processing comfortable

Simplify Payment

AxiaMed lets you process credit payments, refunds and voids directly from Dentrix Enterprise. You can also capture signatures on ePads and quickly print or reprint receipts.

Streamline Reporting

Since AxiaMed is integrated within Dentrix Enterprise, you can run detailed transaction reports along with your other reports, so you always have a finger on the pulse of your business.

Reduce Errors

Using software designed for credit card processing within Dentrix Enterprise eliminates double posting and manual errors. Dental credit card processing software simply captures patient financials once, and automatically populates the ledger with payments.

Stay Current

AxiaMed uses current technology such as validated point-to-point encryption for safe and convenient patient payment. Download our Whitepaper to better understand how Dentix Enterprise and AxiaMed help ensure patient payment data is safeguarded.

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Learn about AxiaMed

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